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"Not All Who Wander Are Lost"

Hi. I'm Tōbē. Bass, Guitar, Ukulele, Theater, Doctor Who, Fun., Tokio Hotel, Blink-182, Vegetarian, bi, single?, I have a twin brother, and no social life, tumblr and theater take care of that. I also draw a dalek everyday for the rest of the year, and bam that is me.
My face is just at /tagged/me, theme won't allow the link and yup!
also, that's me in a wig as my icon, most recent pictures are tagged as me :)

At Traders Village last year I met one of my mom’s friends wives, Sam, she made this beautiful jewelry, and I wanted to buy it all! I ended up buying the square choker, she is a really nice lady and I hope I have enough money to buy more jewelry next time we see her!

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